Useful Essay Writing Strategies

Let me put some emphasis on how to write an analytical or critical essays in today’s lecture we will also talk about how to write formal letters you have then email writing which I would consider a kind of semi formal writing however in certain more complex situations of course you will be using email and that goes without saying so these kinds of formal letters can also be used in the form of emails but consider the way those kinds of emails that we have already discussed in our earlier lectures and how different they are from what we are going to do today so as far as you would remember perhaps we have talked about writing an email or within a closed circle close circle of friends and colleagues that’s why I call them semi formal here the letters are going to be slightly more complex and formal in nature and in their themes although let me reiterate they too can be written via email considering that we live in an electronic mailing age and system.

So coming back to the first part of today’s lecture we will be talking about analytical and critical essays we have already seen some different kinds of essays or in our earlier sessions particularly descriptive kinds where all you have to do is describe something a process or an experiment or an object we have also seen what is an error kind of an essay there’s another term like exploratory essay that again explores it surveys gives you a survey of a given topic let me again add that whatever may be the nomenclature or the category all essays do demand certain competence certain extent of discussion and argument maybe not in purely descriptive processes there you do not argue for and against you just describe something however in this case or rather in all other cases you are expected to do some kind of discussion and analysis so whether the word or the term analyze or discuss or critically assess.

These terms may or may not occur in the topic but please give some attention whether you are expected to do that or not so practice in other words the more you practice the better you will be able to address these issues so so far we have been talking about how to approach writing on an academic subject we’ll continue with this and you have to understand that while writing on an academic topic on a technical topic or even when you appear for certain competitive exams in English you have to understand the question or the topic this is always a useful strategy that you perhaps underline the key words that you think that are essential within the essay sometimes you find these essay topics themselves are so long they run into three to four sentences underline every keyword by by now you should be comfortable with identifying keywords what are the words that you think are important keywords generally are nouns and also verbs so those are the key words to identify the nouns and identify the verbs.