Shush! Careers for an Introverted Personality

Not everybody is born with the natural ability (and patience) to interact with people on a day to day basis. Some of us would rather sit in our little corner of the earth and mind our own business. It’s not their fault that they would rather use their work hours productively than talk nonstop about practically nothing at all.

But then, loners do need to earn money, too. And if they are not comfortable with the typical working environment replete with colorful personalities, there are other jobs that can better suit their preferred lifestyles.


You cannot get any quieter than this. This is especially suitable for introverts who fancy talking with books than conversing with actual people. Just make sure to have a ready smile for those who may need your help in finding a book they want. Police accommodation and respect are important values that every professional need to cultivate, introverts and extroverts alike.


Writers are not necessarily introverts, but there is no doubt that writing is usually a process that is best done in solitude, which fits an introverted person well. Once you have acquired the ability to block off distractions and maintain a deep and focused concentration on your task, you are well on your way to gaining advancement in this field.


If you prefer a little bit of excitement in your solitude, being a mortician will suit you well. You are not obliged to carry on a social interaction with the family beyond inquiries that are absolutely necessary, like the person’s last wish. Aside from this, you will pretty much be left on your own to deal with the preparation of the deceased for burial.

Forensic Science Technician

Now here’s another exciting job for an introvert that entails collecting and analyzing evidence from a crime scene. Although they do sometimes need to coordinate with other departments when relaying the results of their tests, interaction is still at a bare minimum.

The most important thing in any job is that you feel comfortable with it and in it. Instead of treating an introverted personality as a weakness, find a career path that can benefit well from it.