Grabbing Attention In Essay

People always want to learn they never say I don’t want to learn English they just might not like your style of teaching so you have to adapt right so you might have a quote which I just gave you the next is this because that sometimes a little bit what we call frou-frou well snobby you might want to bring it a little bit more down-to-earth and you want to make might want to use your own anecdote a little story from your life you know.

So you’re talking about the essay you go you know in my life you know maybe I came from a small town up in New Haven making this up it’s a story right and everybody was poor but the one thing we had was soul we cared right and then you might turn around and say in your essay you know it’s this caring that makes you manatee work it doesn’t matter what we have oh my god that’s so deep okay so that an anecdote can do that now there’s a couple other things because if you’re doing well maybe as I said you might not be in school maybe you’re doing business and there are a couple other things that would work well for you well one is a surprising fact.

Oh I should have shouldn’t have told you yet did you know one in two people are female yeah of course you did that’s not a surprising fact but you get the drift when I say you get the drift you get the general idea which basically means you tell people something that they may not have known completely surprises them like a diet cola will rot your brain and give you brain cancer I’m sure you’re like all right now all right you’re like oh my god no one told me this yeah it’s possible okay so surprising fact and if that doesn’t work this one always works I guarantee it you know how.

I can guarantee it okay how about this how would you like to make a million dollars in the next ten minutes all right okay now English server is crashing because you’re older how I make the money how I make the money and this is when we use we use your curiosity I’m gonna ask you a question you start with a question people I need to know I want to know the answer this question these are your grabbers so sorry it took so long to get into it but this is an important thing because if you don’t have my attention you’ve got nothing so I might waste three minutes of your time now explaining it but understand without these things at the beginning of your paper nobody wants to read it and worse your teacher who has to read it doesn’t want to read it you don’t want them to start off negatively you want them totally interested and captivated captivate me like capture hold on to their health.