Essay Writing Help Is So Famous, But Why?

This bundle includes everything you need to teach your students how to write an effective essay. The various activities can be used for beginner, intermediate, and advanced essay writers. A suggested order of use page has been included to help you organize how you may like to present the information to your students.

What’s included in the file?
• Essay Scavenger Hunt
Essay writers Interactive Notebook
• Essay Mini-Book
• Essay Writing (High school version)
• Essay Writing (Middle school version)
• Peer Editing Activity (Scavenger Hunt)
• Paragraph Writing (How to Write an Introduction)
• Paragraph Writing (How to Write a Body Paragraph)
• Essay Mini Flip Book
• Parts of an Essay Trivia Games
• Essay Peer Review
• Course Progress Essay
• Essay Editing Foldable (Assessment tool)
• Essay Outline (Visual)
• Essay Outline (Organizer)
• Essay Template (Line-by-line)

Looking for a new way to teach essay writing? This fordable is a perfect addition to an existing interactive notebook, or perhaps the start of a new one. This is a helpful resource for new, or struggling essay writers. This file includes four dabbles for parts of an essay, parts of a thesis, paragraph writing, and the different kinds of sentences, mix and match flash cards, which can be used as study guides, and a quiz (with answer key) to wrap up the lesson. For a complete list of all of my English Language Arts interactive notebook resources. 

This graphic organizer takes on a fill-in-the-blank format to help students draft literary essays. I created this organizer based upon the fourth grade Lucy Catkins Literary Essay unit. This organizer helped my students with language impairments organize their thoughts in a sequential and organized manner. This graphic organizer can be used to to scaffold student’s instruction towards becoming independent literary essay writers!

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There’s nothing better than having your ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR of WRITING PLANNED & READY TO GO!

Which is exactly what you will get with this giant writing bundle. Each unit is fully developed to include all of the materials you need to simply print and teach (teaching posters, lessons, graphic organizers, student activities, teacher writing examples, and more!) for the entire school year!